Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Today was a Wonderful Day

Today was a wonderful day:

The dog woke me up at 6:30 I made coffee, ran out to get some donuts for breakfast, and had breakfast on the porch. I unclogged the vacuum and washed out the filter.  No wonder it wasn’t working, it had a warren of dust bunnies and a very clogged filter! . . . → Read More: Today was a Wonderful Day

Recipe: Italian Stir Fry


This one’s a concoction of my own fevered imagination and a desire to get more fresh veggies into our diet. All ingredients given here are suggestions, make up your own mix based on what you have available/like! All times and temperatures are estimated, you know your stove better than I do. . . . → Read More: Recipe: Italian Stir Fry

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True


For pretty much all of my adult life I have had a dream house.  I’m quite sure I’m not alone in this. My dream home has had many changing features, but a few things have remained pretty constant.  One of those dreams was to have a screen porch with a day bed.  A “sleeping . . . → Read More: Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Yard Sale Find to Treasure


Last year after we moved into this new house, I was grabbing supplies from Home Depot when I noticed a nice cast aluminum table & chairs set for $299.  Considering the $699 original price, I sat my butt down in the chair next to the table and tried to grab any employee to help . . . → Read More: Yard Sale Find to Treasure

Spring Is Coming!


Last Saturday was just above 60 degrees.  Hooray!  Tomorrow it will be again!

A couple mornings later there was snow on the ground again, and there’s tell of a Nor’Easter heading our way this coming week, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.

Spring is coming!  The robin (which never left all winter and . . . → Read More: Spring Is Coming!

Recipe: Chicken Bog (Eating on the Cheap)


Last month I had very little after bills.  This month, I have even less.  Combine the $570 oil bill, the $320 electric bill, the quarterly $120 water bill, the quarterly $156 sewer bill, and then add in all the other usual bills and I have to say we’re pretty much bust.  These things definitely . . . → Read More: Recipe: Chicken Bog (Eating on the Cheap)

Aaaaand…We’re Done. (Gluten Free Month, Abridged)

A tip for those attempting to do a month long dietary test:  don’t do it in the middle of the worst winter in recent memory, while simultaneously trying to do a no-spend month.  The lack of sun, massive amounts of shoveling, general winter malaise, and lack of most entertainment outlets to keep your mind . . . → Read More: Aaaaand…We’re Done. (Gluten Free Month, Abridged)

Halfway Through (Gluten Free Month Update)


We’re halfway through.  I have survived two weeks without gluten.  I cannot honestly say that this has been without complaint, there was most definitely some whining involved.  I remember walking through the supermarket, thinking “OHMYGOD!! BREAD!!! CEREAL!!! COOOKIES!!!”  I think I would briefly consider assaulting someone for a good cheeseburger.  But, we’ve made it . . . → Read More: Halfway Through (Gluten Free Month Update)

Recipe: Zero Alarm Chili


On friday, I started sneezing at 8am.  I didn’t slow down until 8pm.  Despite working from home and generally avoiding sick people, there was one inlet for infection that I forgot:  I pick up medications at my local pharmacy.  I often have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter, surrounded by red-nosed, snuffling, . . . → Read More: Recipe: Zero Alarm Chili

Day 3 Gluten Free


We started gluten free on Saturday.   3 days down, and I haven’t run screaming for the bread drawer or broken down and run for Dunkies.  Saturday was hard, and I was hungry.  Sunday was tough, and I was hungry.  Today was…less tough.

I’ve been focusing on simple foods: Slow Cooker  chicken provencale (using chicken thighs . . . → Read More: Day 3 Gluten Free